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Our therapists all work from a trauma-informed approach. This means our therapists will: create a safe space for you to share what you need to share ; provide you choice and options within sessions as we understand that trauma is not a one-way street; always work in collaboration with you to ensure you are feeling safe and in control ; prioritize your privacy and build a therapeutic relationship rooted in trust; lastly, our therapists are here to empower you. We know how debilitating trauma can be. We want you to know that although your trauma is apart of you, it does not define you!

 Trauma-informed therapy focuses on the neurobiology of trauma, mindfulness, and relational theories. This framework is inclusive of a person’s family and significant relationships.

Trauma-informed therapy promotes safety, trust, and closeness in relationships as foundational to making meaning of past experiences. This approach also offers a pathway toward resolving symptoms associated with traumatic events.

We provide therapy with a true understanding of past trauma as well as an understanding of the current life situation you are in that continues to create stress. 

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