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People with panic disorder experience repeated panic attacks which are intense episodes of fear or discomfort that occur unexpectedly and without warning. Personal relationships and quality of life can deteriorate, making it difficult to work or carry on a normal daily routine.

Sometimes panic attacks are triggered, and sometimes we are unsure why they are occurring. Either way, our trained therapists can help you minimize the intensity and frequency of your panic attacks.

Our therapists will teach you what is going on in the mind and body during your panic attack, in addition to giving you tools and strategies to address your panic attacks. Insight into what is happening in your mind and body during a panic attack, in addition to tools to strategies to prevent and or address a panic attack, create a sense of safety within your psyche which will contribute to the minimization of your panic attacks.

Symptoms may also include heart palpitations and feeling of being out of control, sweating, shaking chills, chest pain, choking sensations, breathing difficulties, sense of dread, confusion, indecisiveness and feelings of impending doom. These distinct symptoms cause distress and can negatively affect a person’s daily life.

Our services help identify the disorder and guide sufferers to appropriate treatment.

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