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Sometimes we are not able to give up or let go of the element that is the cause of our struggle and pain. We still want to help you in whatever way we can. Harm-reduction means providing you a safe environment to talk about your struggle that you may still engage in. Harm-reduction means we want to help you be as safe as possible if you are not ready to let go what is hurting you. Harm-reduction means we want to work with you, no matter what stage you are in.

Harm reduction is a practical philosophy that teaches you how to reduce the harmful effects of whatever is hurting you (Substance, gambling etc.). It focuses on the practical realities and works within your lifestyle to help minimize the risk of unwanted health, social, or legal consequences.

By focusing on your specific situation, you build skills for maintaining control over your choices and behaviour in the face of powerful impulses and challenges. While we cannot prevent people from engaging in something is harmful, unhealthy, and hurtful to them, we can help them to make healthy choices to minimize potential harm.

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