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First session  will likely be a little longer. This is our chance to get to know you, what you want to work on, and how we can help. We will go through your treatment goals, too!  At the beginning of the session, the therapist will share about themselves and  go through consent and confidentiality forms with you. This is your chance to  get to know your therapist, as well. 

All our sessions are done via zoom, phone or chat! This allows you to be in the comfort and convenience that works for you. No more worrying about traffic, getting ready, squeezing in a meal etc.

Arcadian counselling and therapy likes to believe we have appropriate clinicians for everyone, but we understand if you are not feeling a connection. Instead of saying a quick goodbye, let us know how your feeling; of course we will try our best to work with you, but we completely understand if you are looking for something else and will be happy to assist in referring you or connecting you to other resources that could better fit your needs

Yes we do! We would love to get to know you before completing these, however, if you in immediate need, we are able to provide urgent assessments and referrals if we see fit; in order to appropriately assess and possibly refer you: more in-depth tools  and data collection may occur; collateral information may need to be obtained, the use of standardized tests and assessments may be used; and this can all result in a longer session than normal.

Please fill out the referral form by clicking here. If you have questions, concerns or inquires, click here to contact us, or call email info@arcadiancounseling.ca
If your agency is would like for one of our clinicians to do in-house calls (to a school, agency etc.), please email or call us at (306) 581-5661  We are more than happy to do this on an on-call basis, or by contractual agreement.

Self referrals, community based agencies, schools, employers, government entities etc. 

Arcadian counselling and therapy takes pride in providing evidence-based clinically appropriate services. We are currently working on a curriculum for groups and trainings that we will soon be providing virtually, or in-house as requested.

We currently have a therapist who is certified to teach Therapeutic Yoga for Children. She is able to provide in-person sessions or online sessions to groups. Please contact for further information . 

Arcadian therapists are not first responders. If you or someone you know require immediate advice, assistance or help, please refer to the numbers below:

  • Call 911 for immediate crisis response
    – if it is a mental health related concern, ask for PACT (Police and Crisis Team) where a police officer and mental health worker will respond if available
    – Open 24/7
  • Call COAST Crisis if you or someone you know needs mental health support (306)766-7800
  • Call and or go to Mobile Crisis if in crisis that does not require police
    – Open 24/7
  • Call 811 for health advice and/or questions     Open 24/7
  • Call Child Abuse line at (306) 569-2724
  • Sexual assault line – 24/7 hour sexual assault crisis line (306-352-0434  or toll free  1-844-952-0434).
  • Call the Canada Suicide prevention 1-833-456-4566 or Crisis suicide hotline Crisis Suicide Helpline (306) 525-5333
  • If your a child, call Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

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