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Mental Health Services

We offer professional help to those who need either simple advice or require clinical treatment

How We Can Help You

Our goal is to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.

Virtual Counselling & Therapy

We are here to listen, talk, guide, treat and collaborate with you on your needs via phone, computer, tablet etc.

Assessment & Referral

Our therapists are here to connect you to the supports and services you need

Presentations & Training(s)

Our clinicians can complete virtual and in-house presentations and/or trainings on a variety of topics. Contact for more info!Therapeutic Yoga for Children in-house or online sessions available for groups or individuals. Contact for more info!
What our clients say


With COVID-19, we got scared. We were sent home and stayed isolated for as long as possible. We wanted to reach out for help, but because of health concerns in our family, we did not want to leave our home. We were very stressed out with finances, health, kids and life in general. Our therapist at Arcadian helped us figure life out and destress. We are so thankful to have found a virtual therapist to fit our needs and make life much easier! Thank you Arcadian!

The Jones Family

Thank you for all your amazing professional help that got me through the hospitalization and rehabilitation. I am beyond grateful! With my health, I was not able to leave my home easily, and having someone to connect to from the comfort of my bed made things so much easier. I felt so connected and understood! 

Diana Moore

I would have never thought that I would become a victim of DV. I felt, alone, helpless and scared. Due to my situation, I was not easily able to come and go as I pleased, and having online therapy means truly helped me leave the terrible situation I was in. I learned so much about why I felt the need to stay. I learned to take things one day at a time. Most importantly, my therapist helped me create and execute a safety plan that finally got me out of this situation. I am beyond grateful for all the help I received

Taylor Lambert

During my sessions with Arcadian I feel like I am speaking with a friend rather than a stranger. I feel that I am a new person who is in charge of her life, mind and actions. I found it hard to reach out for help even though I was seriously struggling. I am blown away by the commitment my therapist put into helping me open up. I am actually proud to attend therapy. Thank you for caring and understanding how hard it can be for us to seek help

Kyla Strongarm

Kyla Strongarm

Social Worker

I was able to attend a presentation that Arti did on the benefits of therapeutic yoga for children. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the psychological, physiological and behavioural impacts that yoga therapy for children could have. It was moving to know that Arti had a deep understanding of the yoga aspect, but how it interconnects with children’s mental health. For such a delicate and young woman, Arti seems to have serious expertise in a wide range of areas regarding mental health!

Emily Bear

For me, this was a wonderful and surprising experience. I thought there would be no solution for countless issues in our marriage. I thought couple’s therapy would not work. We went to an in-person therapist before Arcadian who gave us a lot of homework that just was not doable for us and did not match our personalities. It was  nice to have someone who could understand me and explain my positioning to my partner in away that I was not able to do. The best part of this experience was how me and my partner actually learned to better understand each other; we were not able to find the right words ourself, and it was nice having someone who specializes in this to be able to help us find those words.

Jack Weinstein

I am very grateful for this place. I lost my wife quite a few years back, and my kids are all grown with their own families. I never took the time to grieve my wife’s passing and distracted my self with manual labour. As I got older, I was not able to do these tasks anymore and much of my time is just spent inside the home. I was starting to feeling really down and thinking about my wife even though it has been so many years. I am grateful that someone wanted to listen to me and talk to me. I learned that I did not allow my self to grieve at the time. Now we are working on the grieving process and i am learning lots about it. I am grateful for all of the help, thank you.

Joseph Lee

Our therapist at Arcadian helped our family to deal with major problems. My wife and I were having trouble managing our family home life between her kids from her first marriage, and my kids from my first marriage. That with the strain of covid, finances and the kids acting out, also put strain on our marriage. We decided to take part in family counselling. With so many family members, it took sometime, but it paid off so well. Having a therapist who can connect with our young kids, our teens, and us adults, seemed to be key in making this work so well. We are beyond thankful for all the help!

Alex & Donna Racco

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